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Residential Pressure Washing For Expert Exterior Care

For residential pressure washing in Lynchburg, no one does it better than Fitzy's Maintenance Solutions. Keep reading to see our amazing residential pressure washing services!

House wash

House Washing

House washing is a great way to rid stubborn contaminants from your home's exterior surfaces. It not only makes your home look great, but it can improve the health and structural integrity of your home as well!

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Driveway wash

Driveway Washing

Our residential pressure washing team can remove the toughest of stains and organic growths from your concrete surfaces to improve the look of your Lynchburg driveway. Boost your curb appeal in just one afternoon!

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Deck clean

Deck Cleaning

Too much rain can make your deck slick with algae and mold. At Fitzy's Maintenance Solutions, our residential pressure washing team can restore your deck to its former glory.

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Sidewalk clean

Sidewalk Cleaning

This high-traffic area is one of the most important surfaces around our home, so it deserves special attention. A sidewalk cleaning service will keep it looking spotless and make it safer to walk on throughout the year.

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Roof clean

Roof Cleaning

Roofs are susceptible to grime and falling debris throughout the year. Our soft washing services can remove these messes and leave behind spotless and perfect shingles.

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Gutter clean

Gutter Cleaning & Brightening

Your gutters deserve a little TLC now and then. Call on our pressure washing team and request a gutter cleaning & brightening service, and your gutters will look as good as new.

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Fence clean

Fence Cleaning

Constant exposure to the elements can result in the buildup of mold, mildew, and algae on your home's fence. Call our residential pressure washing team and let us provide you with thorough fence cleaning services.

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Drain clean

Drain Cleaning

Don't let a backed-up drain cause property damage. Give us a call and ask about our professional drain cleaning services today!

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Solar panel

Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar panels are an efficient and environmentally-friendly source of energy, but they won't work like they should if they're all covered in grime. Boost your energy potential and reduce the need for more serious maintenance down the line by having us carefully clean your solar panels.

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Dustless blasting

Dustless Blasting

At Fitzy's Maintenance Solutions, we're also dustless blasting pros! Whether you're looking to remove paint, stains, or rust, dustless blasting is a great exterior cleaning service that we're able to provide.

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Window clean

Window Cleaning

You want your Lynchburg windows to be clear so they can let sunlight in and brighten your home! Our residential pressure washing services will surely change your home's aesthetic in just a few hours, so give us a call!

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Window clean

Residential Drone Cleaning

Fitzy's Maintenance Solutions is proud to announce our new residential drone cleaning service! This innovative approach utilizes drones to safely tackle those hard-to-reach areas on your home's exterior. Our drones can handle residential pressure washing, soft washing, and window cleaning, eliminating the need for risky ladders or expensive lifts that can damage your property.

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Christmas lighting installation lynchburg

Christmas Lighting Installation

If you’re one of the many homeowners here in the Lynchburg area who love Christmas lights but never seem to have the kind of time necessary to decorate your home to the level you’d like, Fitzy's Maintenance Solutions is here to help. As the premier source for pressure washing for Lynchburg, our professional Christmas lighting installation services can help you make your home the most festive on the block without you having to lift a finger to do so.

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